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Case Study>>BÕA/ÕYA

I was introduced to the Olla [ OI - YA ] by my grandfather. He had a stint as a drip emitter manufacturer along with a variety of other irrigation products in the early 80’s.  Ash (my grandfather) served as a major influence to my father’s and eventually my own endeavors in the irrigation/landscaping industry.

Being no stranger to receiving the odd midnight text from him on Facebook or WhatsApp about the latest news or innovation in sustainable tech, I always appreciated how he was an early adopter on all things sustainable.

He sent me a link on YouTube that turned out to be an instructional video on how to make these ‘Ollas’ at home (See link below). Over the next few days he  shared some sketches of an improvised design he had been tinkering with,  intending to inter-link them and then connect to mains water supply.

Explaining that the Olla’s available were prohibitively expensive hence an improvised technique using clay pots, etc. He suggested to look into the possibility of getting a single vessel produced, which started this little project ...

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