We focus on ideas, centered around sustainability and regeneration. Finding ways for individuals & businesses to usefully integrate them, creating platforms for engagement with innovative concepts, driving public participation in the urban imaginary.

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Case Study>>>Eco Farm

The client that tasked us with creating a master plan for an ecotourism adventure destination, initially included a “farm” in the list of attractions that we were to incorporate into the site. Their brief was to program it as a “park” style journey, segregated by type of produce, including a green house and an event area.
We took the opportunity to expand on the brief and programmed zones where different types of farming techniques would be employed like Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Vertical Farming, and above ground farming to name a few.

The intention being to use it as a facility to collaborate with industry stakeholders and create a knowledge base & educational facility around Agri tech engaging  schools, colleges & universiites around the UAE as well as the general public.

Initiatives centered around sustainable farming practices, food security, and soil regeneration are a few of many that could come to fruition from this facility and the engagement that would occur would drive awareness and bolster change.

Recognizing  a great opportunity in creating a facility where stakeholders and different community members could come together and conduct research, test farming techniques, collect data and a range of other value propositions outside of the recreational aspects of this venue and the greater adventure park itself.