We focus on ideas, centered around sustainability and regeneration. Finding ways for individuals & businesses to usefully integrate them, creating platforms for engagement with innovative concepts, driving public participation in the urban imaginary.

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Case Study>>Hatta Wadi Hub

Our Client planned to develop a series of hospitality projects in the UAE region of Hatta, as part of the 10-year Hatta Development Plan intended to position the mountainous area as a global destination for eco-tourism.

One of these projects, we were tasked with creating a master plan for an ecotourism adventure destination in Hatta.

The client provided a list of attractions/activities and we were tasked to create the journey, and position the attractions while maintaining the inherent explorative character of the wadi, with conservation of the existing flaura and fauna being  top priority.

We conducted all stages of design development, from concept throught to detail design packges, also providing site supervision and design guardianship services for the landscape & irrigation components all the way through to completion.